British Water FOG Code of Practice

The Code of Practice has now been published by British Water. This is one of the four strands of work undertaken by its FOG Forum which was established 5 years ago and is the result of the Working Group 2 work. It is the result of cross industry collaboration with CEDA, FCSI and the CIEH.

The guide’s objective is to be a document that would serve the foodservice operator by assisting them to recognise and effectively manage the problem. The guide is generic and includes references the key equipment technologies that will assist in minimising the opportunity for FOG to enter the sewer network.

The Code of Practice is comprehensive in that it covers aspects relating to; site evaluation, equipment, installers, service and maintenance.

This area of work is complex and developing fast. It has been agreed that this should be a ‘live’ document that can be updated with new information as and when it becomes available. There are also other Working Groups in the FOG Forum (see below) whose work, where relevant, can be added to the guide in due course.

Working Group 1.     Control of FOG at Source, Communication and Education(CSCE)
Working Group 2.     Equipment Selection, Installation and Maintenance (ESIM)
Working Group 3.     Product Performance Assessment Procedures (PPAP)
Working Group 4.     Disposal and Reuse of FOG and FOGc Compound (DRFC)

We are grateful to those companies and individuals who provided their support and expert information to assist in the production of the Code of Practice.

As part of the ongoing development work, it is expected that there will be a FOG conference this autumn. There has been discussion of the inclusion of discussion relating to the potential for further standards work relating the performance of equipment. We will keep you informed of further developments when we have them.

Please feel free to use the document with customers and as a resource on your own web sites or at events and exhibitions. We have a small limited supply of hard copies should you need them.

The guides will be available from the CESA stand - 228, at the Hospitality Show, NEC Birmingham.