FEA and CAFA: a working collaboration to help businesses measure and monitor their carbon footprint

Measure, monitor, and reduce your carbon emissions with FEA and CAFA

FEA members can benefit from a cost-effective member-exclusive means for measuring and monitoring their company’s carbon footprint. 

The CAFA Carbon Measurement Programme has been developed in response to calls from FEA members who have had requests for information from Operators and Dealers.

The end-to-end service includes data gathering, calculation of your baseline emissions, planning and target setting, personalized (or customized) reduction strategy, ongoing measurement and SECR-compliant reports of your progress led by your own dedicated Carbon Buddy for you while communicating with internal and external stakeholders.

The net zero team take a carbon down, profits up approach and as part of their work with you, they will identify ways your organisation can reduce its emissions, whilst also creating efficiencies and cost savings.

A reminder the standard net zero service investment is:

♻ 0-10 employees: £950+VAT
♻ 11-50 employees £2190+VAT
♻ 50-250 employees £4200+VAT
♻ 250+ multiple premises – pricing on free health check and evaluation of scale of operations

We are at a critical point as an industry, and encourage you to take up the Scope 1 and 2 standard service to give yourself a first mover advantage and promote to your customers, and their customers that you are monitoring and taking accountability for your carbon emissions.

Take advantage of the CAFA Carbon Measurement Programme

If you would like to benefit from the FEA member cost savings then please contact Mehak Sudan: mehak@cafacollective.org 

Once you have emailed Mehak she will:

🌍 Arrange your initial 15-minute health check (either by Teams or Zoom)
🌏 Once the team understand more about your current position she will assign you to your Net Zero Carbon Buddy
🌍 Set your company up on the Carbon dashboard and provide log in details for you and your Carbon Buddy
🌏 Your Carbon Buddy will then start the 5 step process with you.

What is a Net Zero Organisation and how can you become one?

📝 Download CAFA's Carbon Reduction Service Guide to understand how you can become a Net Zero Orgnisation. 

CAFA's annual Net Zero Organisation service establishes your companies position, measures your impact and progress and provides you with the tools needed to communicate your position along the way.

The proof is in the pudding

FEA are a CAFA certified Net Zero Association. The FEA have taken part in CAFA's six-step carbon measurement and reduction service designed specifically to help membership organisations reduce their carbon footprint & be sustainable. FEA worked with CAFA by committing, collecting, calculating, measuring, reporting, and communicating our carbon emissions.

📝 Read the FEA Certified Net Zero Association Report



Who are CAFA

The influence membership organisations have on their sectors, professions, communities and stakeholder groups cannot be underestimated or overlooked as a key driver of change.

Membership organisations are a conduit for addressing climate change via whole sectors and professions, rather than targeting individual organisations separately.

A "whole-of-sector" and "joined-up systems" approach gets us to net zero faster.

CAFA is a global accelerator for the UN backed Race to Zero campaign. We encourage all Associations to join Race to Zero as Actors or Accelerators.

CAFA's mission is to harness the collective power and influence of the membership sector to accelerate the transition of whole sectors, systems and professions.

​In line with the Paris Agreement, increase climate and sustainability leadership and drive change using the collective power and influence of professional and trade associations, membership organisations, business networks, societies, clubs and peak umbrella bodies to create an inclusive net zero economy, build resilient communities and limit global heating to 1.5°C.

Empower and increase the confidence of the association sector to set ambitious targets and implement practical strategies to meet them.

Demonstrate that climate action is about building resilience, an opportunity for growth and sustainability, cost savings and new revenue generation.

Ensure that climate action and sustainability are a standard part of all membership organisation's internal and external member value proposition and engagement strategy.

To speak up and implement non-oppositional climate policies and advocacy.



Key Greenhouse Gas Protocol definitions

  • Carbon footprint: The total set of GHG emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual event, organisation, or product expressed as Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e).
  • Scope 1: direct emissions from activities owned or controlled by your organisation. Examples of Scope 1 emissions include emissions from combustion in owned or controlled boilers, furnaces, and vehicles; and emissions from chemical production in owned or controlled process equipment.
  • Scope 2: energy indirect emissions are those released into the atmosphere that are associated with your consumption of purchased electricity, heat, steam, and cooling. These indirect emissions are a consequence of your organisation’s energy use but occur
    at sources you do not own or control.
  • Scope 3: other indirect emissions are a consequence of your actions that occur atsources you do not own or control and are not classed as Scope 2 emissions. Examples of Scope 3 emissions are business travel by means not owned or controlled by your organisation, waste disposal, materials or fuels your organisation purchases and emissions as a result of your annual events programme. Deciding if emissions from a vehicle, office, or factory that you use are Scope 1 or Scope 3 may depend on how you define your operational boundaries. Scope 3 emissions can be from activities that are upstream or downstream of your organisation. More information on Scope 3 and other aspects of reporting can be found in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard.



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Sign-up promotion for FEA members

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