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The hospitality industry's most powerful reporting platform. Drill down through Cooking and Warming, Refrigeration, Ventilation, and Warewashing sectors to uncover the operator sites that need your equipment to enhance your sales strategy.


What is FEA Industry Insight

FEA Industry Insight is a powerful reporting platform that assesses the size of the of the installed foodservice equipment market, providing subscribers with up-to-date insights into equipment currently being used by Operators across the United Kingdom.

Unearthing which Operator sites are using the equipment that you are selling means that you will be able to strategically position yourself to target gaps in the market and meet consumer demand, giving you the edge on your competitors.

Users are able delve deep into the Cooking and Warming; Refrigeration; Warewashing; and Ventilation equipment sectors through the platforms’ advanced filtering options.

The depth of Operator site information available means that FEA Industry Insight can be applied to a multitude of business divisions, at a local level as a sales tool; a marketing resource for National and Regional Account Managers; or a strategic management tool for the Senior Management team, and even provide valuable sector insights for your Research and Development team.

Operator profiles from the biggest chains to the smallest independents for commercial and non-commercial sectors can be subdivided to reflect establishment size, sector, sub-sector type, cuisine type, and UK region. FEA Industry Insight analyses the equipment profile of each market sector right down to the individual product type.

The strength of the data is key to the platforms’ function as a business development tool, and to ensure that the data reflects the true size of the market, site numbers are updated at the end of each week, hard-wired from the live Caterlyst Operator site universe. Equipment numbers are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Subscribers also benefit from a quarterly executive summary report that details top-line sector and sub-sector trends meaning that key insights are delivered straight to your inbox, further empowering your teams with enhanced market understanding.

If you would like to book a demonstration please contact Adam Lawrence: adam.lawrence@fea.org.uk



View the whole market

The FEA Industry Insight category dashboard displays the data in an easy to understand manner. Along the top, the total market size is displayed. The expandable list on the lefthand side is the product split of the category, in this instance we have used the Cooking and Warming dashboard. The pie chart in the middle displays the site type breakdown of the whole market, and the map of the UK is the interactive region selector. Along the bottom users can navigate the tabs to select the respective Site Types. 


FEA Industry Insight Dashboard


Drill through to your Site Type target market

By navigating the tabs at the bottom the user can select a Site Type. This displays the top twenty biggest Sites in that 'Type', the data is further broken down by the composite sites that comprise the overall market, providing a granular level of detail. In the example shown below we have selected the Warewashing sector and 'Workplace' Site Type, sub-sector Cafes and Coffee Shops. FEA Industry Insight allows users to segment into Site Type by Accommodation and Venues, Education, Full Service Restaurants, Healthcare / Public Sector, Leisure, Pubs and Clubs, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), and Workplace.  


FEA Industry Insight Warewashing Sector


Use FEA Industry Insight to drive your regional sales strategy

From the Sector dashboard home screen you can select specific UK regions to display the market size of sales territories, enhancing your strategic focus and efficiency of your sales teams. The image displayed below relates to the Refrigeration category.


FEA Industry Insight Regional Targeting


Once you’ve defined your market, draw up your list of opportunities

From the largest group Operators to the smallest independent restaurants, no matter who or where you are looking to target, FEA Industry Insight provides the filters and data to enhance your strategy. The image below is a drilled down list of establishments in the North East that have Cold Rooms.


FEA Industry Insight Regional Targeting

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FEA Industry Insight powered by Microsoft BI

If you’re concerned about potentially having to deal with lots of figures then there’s no need to worry. The data output is delivered by Microsoft BI, a business information system that quickly connects, preps and displays insights meaning that key learnings are easy to digest; providing you with the power you need to influence strategic market decisions.




How much is it to sign-up?

Each market segment is sold separately, unless you are not an FEA member then it is sold as a package. Sign-up cost comprises of the selected market segments and an Admin Access fee. The Admin Access fee relates to how many individuals require desktop access and set-up, a minimum of one Access Admin charge is applied to all purchases. For example if you purchase one of the market segments from the list below you will also require a minimum of one Admin Access fee, therefore the cost will be £920 + £160 plus VAT. 

FEA member rates for standalone market segments:

  • £920 per annum - Cooking and Warming
  • £920 per annum - Refrigeration
  • £920 per annum - Ventilation
  • £920 per annum - Warewashing
  • £160 admin access fee (required)

Non-member rates:

  • £5060 for three market segments
  • £160 admin access fee (required)

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of subscribing to FEA Industry Research then please contact a member of the team alternatively you can sign-up using the link below.

Sign-up to FEA Industry Insight.

Non-members can reduce the cost of signing up by becoming and FEA member, please speak to a member of the team to find out more.

Watch the FEA Industry Insight launch video below.



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