Principles of Foodservice (PFS)

A short-course designed to benefit new starters to foodservice and hospitality industry

Principles of Foodservice is a nine module short-course for foodservice industry new starters. The course provides delegates with a grounded knowledge of the foodservice industry including kitchen operations and functions, and supply chain understanding. Hosted online and delivered by a CFSP accredited professional the course can be delivered within three hours.

The course follows a framework that promotes integration with the applicable business or sector whether manufacturer, distributor, service company, consultancy or operator.

Our aim is to make the course as easy for you to deliver as possible and empower your staff with the knowledge they need to develop within their role.

Upon successful completion of the course, delegates receive an industry recognised certificate.

Course subject matter

The course covers six key areas of foodservice:

  • Distribution channels
  • Effective food storage
  • Food hygiene
  • Food preparation
  • Key commercial kitchen equipment
  • Kitchen and restaurant layout and design

Additional study resources: FEA Glossary

The FEA Glossary lists over 600 industry terms and provides a quick reference guide for definitions. 

What are foodservice professionals saying about Principles of Foodservice?

“Principles of Foodservice offers a great insight into the catering industry, especially for someone like myself who wants to broaden their knowledge of the industry.”

“Principles of Foodservice has expanded and reaffirmed my knowledge and understanding certain sectors of the catering industry.”

“Personally, I feel more people throughout all sectors of the industry would benefit from this course. I am new to the industry and this has benefitted me to no end.”

How much does Principles of Foodservice cost?

The course is available to FEA members for £175 (+VAT) and £350 (+VAT) for non-members.

If a member of your team would benefit from Principles of Foodservice then please complete the booking form.

For more information regarding Principles of Foodservice please contact Jocelyn Shawyer.


Not what you're looking for?

Have you consdiered Certified Food Service Professional? CFSP is a longer more in-depth study programme for foodervice catering equipment professionals.

CFSP looks externally from a catering operation and examines the interrelationships between all of the key industry constituents.

Through the delivery of CFSP, FEA’s objective is to improve the levels of professionalism in the sector by creating a universally recognised and respected industry standard for knowledge and experience.

Find out more about CFSP.


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