Two FEA members starting a circular revolution

Loopcycle has begun work with Electrolux Professional, driving the circular use of commercial equipment through product traceability. The Loopcycle platform will not only provide the capability to track, trace, manage and recover physical assets, it will help set a new standard for customer satisfaction, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Darren Lockley, Head of Region UK and Ireland at Electrolux Professional says:
“At Electrolux Professional, our mission is to make our customers’ work-life easier, more profitable – and truly sustainable every day. By partnering with the product traceability platform Loopcycle we translate the theory into practice. We simply do not just offer new products; we maximise the investment into product solutions with additional value over time to help extend the lifecycle of your equipment.”

Loopcycle believes that product traceability is the key to unlocking sustainable operational, environmental and financial benefits for manufacturers, foodservice business operators and supply partners alike.

Lugano Kapembwa, CEO & Co-Founder of Loopcycle, says:
“We’re delighted to be working with such a leading international manufacturer to play our part in helping them deliver their net zero and circular goals for today and our changing future.”

Find out more on Electrolux Professional blog.

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