New Member Spotlight on Granuldisk

Keith Broadway, UK Country Manager for Granuldisk, tells us more about why they recently signed up for FEA membership. 

1. Tell us about how your business got started.

Short and sweet: It started with a sauna right here in Malmö, where we are still located today. A group of friends, one of them a chef, another an inventor. True story! The long story is that the chef always had to leave early, as his pots and pans were soaking in the sink and needed to be washed before the end of the night to be ready to be used the next morning. That sparked interest with another member of the group and he was determined that there must be a better way to do that. Many twists, turns and years later this is very much how we still work and innovate. We find problems and issues in the field and then try and figure out a way to solve them for our customers.

2. What do you love most about the foodservice equipment industry?

Being a trained Chef I feel the passion as I walk into every kitchen, the joy that is felt by everyone when you do a good job; from the Chef who loves serving delicious food, to the project manager handing a project over on time.

3. What is the biggest challenge for your business right now?

I would say lead time on equipment. At Granuldisk we take pride in the fact that every machine is assembled by hand in our factory in Sweden, so that we can build and send machines quickly, while staying in control of quality testing. These days it seems very common that projects are being held up, and that’s a challenge we all face in the ever changing world we are living in today.

4. What are the drawing factors for joining FEA?

Having worked alongside CESA before (now FEA) I know the knowledge they offer is second to none, always there to help. Moreover our clients can see that we align with your way of thinking, to raise the standards of the industry, and promote the welfare of members to extending their brand reach. FEA are recognised to have a strong voice when it comes to the rules and regulations around capital equipment used daily in our commercial kitchens. They also listen to the arguments for and against, giving us a platform to talk to the right people in the industry.

5. Anything else you’d like to add?

At Granuldisk we offer a truly sustainable product. Sustainability used to be a "want" word, a nice to have. I think we all know its now a "need" word! Staffing is also a major problem in the kitchens, and if we can free a person from being stuck by the sinks and they could help out with other tasks in the kitchen, you can be smarter with your staffing. You’ll also be offering a far more pleasant working environment and employees are more likely to stick around, and not leave you hanging at the very first opportunity of another job. We are doing our bit to help with that, with the very relevant bonus of making your operation far more sustainable in the process.


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