Influencing Government; FEA meet with BEIS Industry Minister Lee Rowley MP to tackle pressing industry issues

On Wednesday 8th June 2022, in a meeting with other engineering associations we were able to address industry-wide issues with BEIS Industry Minister Lee Rowley MP. FEA pressed for support to address the skills shortage, supply chain issues and the energy cost challenges. 

In response, Lee Rowley MP saw this as an international issue that national governments could do little to change which gave the opportunity to suggest what the government could do locally. In light of this, FEA was able to press the case for the Five Point Plan and the need for an integrated approach by the government to addressing the net zero carbon by 2050 deadline. 

An integrated value chain approach of financial support is needed for manufacturer/importer companies putting energy efficient product on the market; kitchen design incentives via BREEAM,LEED, SKA; direct payments to resellers at the point of sale of the equipment and for operators, business rate offsetting for the purchase of energy efficient equipment.  This would  all be backed by an pro-active reuse/recycling scheme to support energy efficient replacement of existing equipment. We also pressed for public procurement to have a focus on carbon benefits and not just the least expensive options. We are following up with the Minister on this directly at his request.

In relation to the Environment Bill and the secondary legislation which is expected later this year we are lobbying with our Food Waste and FOG Hierarchy for the Hospitality Industry. We are currently engaged with DEFRA and the Environment Agency to seek a pragmatic approach to legislation using a decision tree approach. We aim to develop this in order for it to become a specification that our industry can use to ensure compliance with the legislation whilst also recognising the need for it to be practical across all 420,000 foodservice sites in the UK.


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