FEA announces Foodservice Order of Merit awards for 2022

FEA honours foodservice exemplars
Latest Order of Merit awards celebrate dedicated volunteers of the industry

Here’s to the dedicated and committed people who work voluntarily on behalf of the foodservice industry and the ones who go the extra mile, who lead by example, and whose efforts help others rather than themselves.  FEA celebrates their contribution through its Order of Merit awards, the latest of which were presented at HRC 22. 

FEA created the Order of Merit initiative to recognise the achievements of people in organisations including charities, trade associations and guilds.  “These are the exemplars,” says Stephen Hobbs, Chair of FEA, who presented the awards.  “They are the ones we rely on, who set the standards and without whom the whole foodservice industry would be much the poorer.  We want to celebrate the value that their work and their commitment bring to our industry.”

FEA announced sixteen Foodservice Order of Merit awards at HRC 22.  They were:

Alistair Storey OBE, Chair of Springboard

Brian Robb, National Chair of Hospital Caterers Association

Brian Turner, President and Trustee of Royal Academy of Culinary Arts

Chris Moore, Former CEO of The Clink Charity

Jacquie Blake, Chair of LACA

Kellie Rixon, Chair of Institute of Hospitality

Kevin Georgel, Chair of British Beer and Pub Association

Kirstin Hatherley, Chair of CEDA

Mark Robson, Chair of British Institute of Innkeeping

Matt Owens, Chair of Craft Guild of Chefs

Neil Brackenridge, President and Trustee of BESA

Phil Rees-Jones, Director and Chair of TUCO

Raymond Blanc OBE, President of Sustainable Restaurant Association

Steve Norris, Chair of Arena

Steve Richards, Chair of UK Hospitality

WRAP UK (the winner prefers not to be named)

At the same ceremony FEA awarded the latest graduates of the CFSP programme.  No less than 86 foodservice professionals gained CFSP accreditation during the pandemic.  “Their efforts and achievements are especially notable, given that they had to be so adaptable, what with zoom seminars, exams with masks and suchlike,” says Hobbs.  “Huge congratulations to all.” 

For information on the Certified Food Service Professional training programme, visit www.cfsp.org.uk


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