The European manufacturing market is feeling the supply chain squeeze

European market is suffering from increased delivery times, increased delivery costs, and increased material costs

At the recent EFCEM AGM (16th June 2022) we presented the results of the EFCEM State of the Market survey.

Participants from Germany, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, and Switzerland took part in the survey that asked questions on the post market effects of the Covid pandemic and the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Key takeouts from the survey

  • Compared to six months ago there is still some distance to go until the market picks up. Whilst many respondents are recording a 'Level’ amount of sales it's worth remembering where we were six months ago.
  • The sales forecasts for the next six months are a reflection on the results of the previous six months with the majority of respondents projecting to still be behind budget.
  • Supply chain delivery times are a major issue, with the majority feeling that delivery times will be even slower in six months time.
  • To compound the struggles the market doesn’t offer any respite. Supply chain delivery times have gotten worse and distributors have also increased their delivery costs.
  • Majority of respondents have experienced an increase in transportation costs since the start of the Russia Ukraine conflict.
  • Cost increases have been passed on to the customer.
  • The overarching concern for manufacturers is the sharp increase in raw materials, most notably steel.

What is EFCEM?

EFCEM, the European Federation of Catering Equipment Manufacturers, represents manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment across it's nine member organisations.

FEA's work with EFCEM ensures that the interests of UK manufacturers are represented at a European level. This provides and excellent platform for the Commercial Kitchen Manufacturing Industry to work together and shape its future.

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