Food on the Move Conference - 27th March at the Barbican Centre, London

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  • Start Date: 27.03.2019 - End Date: 27.03.2019
  • Register by: 27.03.2019, 00:00

The food industry and foodservice sector are changing, fast. The way we buy and consume food has been transformed, with new technologies enhancing production, logistics and service, but at the same time posing challenges for operators and consumers alike.  In the first industry conference of its kind, Food on the Move: Innovation, Sustainability and Food Safety in the Age of Delivery will take place on Wednesday 27 March at The Barbican Centre, London to better understand how digital disruption is shaping the industry and to discuss how we can innovate to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

A range of expert-led keynote speeches, panel discussions and presentations will take a closer look into:

•        equipment innovation

•        protecting public health

•        food safety standards in delivery

•        food delivery systems

•        traceability

•        sustainable and transparent packaging

•        UK & EU food safety law

•        the future of food delivery

         ...and much more


Please follow the link below for full details on all sessions and registering for this event.