Loopcycle welcomes the first education sector clients

Having started in the catering equipment manufacturing industry in 2021 with agreements with brands including Ecofast Environmental UK Ltd and Electrolux Professional UK & Ireland, Loopcycle is delighted to welcome Northfleet School for Girls and the University of Sheffield to its community.

Loopcycle is the new generation physical asset management and resource recovery tool. The platform connects an ecosystem of businesses across the foodservice equipment supply chain to help improve operational efficiency, sustainability and facilitate adaptation to the circular economy. Watch their new explainer video!

Loopcycle digital platform facilitates visibility and direct interactions between its members to help them share the best equipment care practice beyond warranty period, make better purchasing decisions and reduce operating expenses. Their marketplace feature lets operators get the most out of unneeded equipment, and the recovered costs can be reinvested elsewhere in the business.

Loopcycle’s Co-Founder and CEO, Lugano Kapembwa, shares:
“We see huge potential for building symbiotic relationships with schools and universities. Asset management is key for all educational businesses as their asset registries include a wide range of products. Bringing all assets into one streamlined channel offers significant operational, environmental and financial benefits to businesses. Manufacturers and all supply chain partners benefit from open and trusted communications, solidifying supplier-client relationships through shared sustainability goals.”

Danielle Hollingham, Head Cook, Northfleet School for Girls:
“We used to pay to remove old equipment, so our main driver for joining Loopcycle is to access their second-hand marketplace. It would allow us to recover some costs and is more reliable than any other major marketplace because every product has a technical history attached to its listing. Apart from this, as we’re moving towards a net zero future, we see real potential in their carbon reporting tool.”

Loopcycle imagines a world where products can be traced and trusted wherever they go, setting a mission to trace over a million products by 2025. If you are looking to innovate the way you manage your physical assets and are curious to learn more about Loopcycle, schedule a demo!


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